Launching industry-first open indoor positioning service in Las Vegas; Caesars is early adopter

May 23, 2013.  Excited to launch mobile indoor positioning today throughout the Las Vegas Strip. Full details in the press release.  Highlights include:

  • We are the first company to provide wide-scale indoor positioning on an open basis
  • Covering over 20 million square feet of entertainment and retail space on the Las Vegas Strip, rapidly growing to cover the top 20 US markets where 45% of the population lives
  • Location service freely available via open API to Android app developers, resort owners, retailers, and others
  • Caesars Entertainment is an early adopter that has conducted successful trials with the Lighthouse indoor positioning service as it seeks to enhance the user experience across its multiple properties.
  • Also launching beta Lighthouse Locate app on Google Play.  It’s a simple app that provides user location in all venues where the Lighthouse indoor positioning service is available. We don’t pretend to be consumer app guys and we seek to work behind the scenes providing great location data to power amazing user experiences in other people’s apps.  This app is meant to give an early glimpse for those chomping at the bit to see indoor positioning in action.

Paris Hotel Las Vegas


Planet Hollywood Hotel Las Vegas

Side-by-side with Google indoor maps

Home Depot, Natick, MA

We stopped by Home Depot to compare our indoor positioning technology with Google’s service on Google Maps for Android.  We came away with some great results and would highlight the following advantages for Lighthouse:

          - High accuracy of <5 meters (versus ~20 meters for Google)
          - Rapid set-up: this location was added to our network by a single member of our ops team in less than 3 hours

Vallco Cupterino, Cuperino, CA

We recently visited Vallco Cupertino in Cupertino, CA, to compare our Lighthouse Signal Systems technology with the location capabilities on Google indoor maps. The comparison ended up being a big success. The video below is admittedly shot in an indie format that’s more “Blair Witch” than “Star Wars” but a few highlights about our advantages jump out:

  • Able to differentiate floors consistently
  • High accuracy of 5-7 meters (versus 55 meters for Google)

A single member of our ops team added this mall to our network in less than half a day. This rapid scalability is a critical feature of our technology and a major point of differentiation versus existing approaches to indoor location that often require teams of expensive engineers working for several days or even installing equipment throughout a venue.

Copley Place demo

This video from Copley Place in Boston, MA, is less choppy than what we did in Cupertino. It demonstrates our ability to differentiate floors and to provide micro-location within stores in addition to the major hallways and open spaces in a mall. By contrast, traditional location technologies and recent indoor solutions typically fail to provide accurate location inside of stores and have difficulty differentiating between floors. As was the case in Cupertino, a single member of our ops team added this mall to our network in less than half a day.

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